A new Artificial Nose warns you about the spoiled food

By | November 9, 2015


Computers are slowly becoming like human with more and more senses. Now, it is also getting smelling sense. A company named C2Sense based in Massachusetts has created an artificial Nose, which will give computer a sense of smell. This device can be used to check the quality of food with its smell.

This device comes with sensor that allows users to detect the ripeness of food and check whether food is good or not. This device actually detects ethylene gas, which is chemical released by the food when it goes off. The food exposed to this gas ripens much quickly.

This new technology detects amount of ethylene, which is undetectable by human nose, which allows you to find the spoiling food before it gets completely spoiled. This tech can be used in food business, as they can detect which food is going to be spoiled soon. So, the vendors can throw these kinds of food.

We can imagine a world where these artificial noses are used in similar fashion as the cameras are being used currently. In fact, Ethylene sensors are not new as they have been present in the world for quite some time. But these devices have been too expensive for normal use or they have been unable to detect gas outside the lab, due to presence of other gases.

Jan Schnorr, the founder and CTO of C2Sense said that their goal is to make cheap and affordable chips that can be used into product packaging without paying so much extra money. Then, this chip will alert users about the quality of food they are buying. This chip can also be integrated into some Internet-Of-things like smart refrigerator and some other smart devices.