A 3D White Graphene to be used for controlling the gadgets heat



Graphene is a wonderful material, which can be used to build some really cool stuff like more powerful and fast processor, better and long lasting battery, more capable solar cells and headphones with better sound quality. Researchers at Rice University said that a 3D modification of this graphene material can be used to revolutionize the way we cool our gadgets.

Normal grapheme is a good heat conductor, but it has some limitations like heat moves pretty easily across the surface of stacked grapheme, but it doesn’t move so easily through the multiple layers of the material. This problem can be overcome by using 3D variant of this graphene created at Rice University. These 3D structures of white graphene are created with boron nitrade nanotubes, which allow unrestricted heat transfer in all the directions.

In simple words, the result of this research will get us a new, smaller and more efficient way to control the heat. By using, this we can easily cool down any smaller and highly efficient electronics device. This research from Rice University will prove very effective and powerful way of creating more efficient thermal solutions, which can be used in even tinny but more powerful electronics devices. So this really looks pretty good.