A 3D-printed dough-like structure to heal your fractured bones



Scientists have developed 3D-printed dough like biomaterial structure, which will fill the bone fractures and will also aid in the recovery process. This means that you won’t have to wait for a long period to heal your broken bones. This printed bone material will create a bond as strong as the spongy parts of your bone and still lets the protein and cells through. This tech can also have proteins of itself to help your bone heal faster.

This technology is developed at the University of Nottingham and is a very good and clinical tech for healing bone defects soon. This 3D-printed dough-like structure is relatively easy to make and it is also not very expensive, you can make it at your room temperature. This tech is made by joining together poly (L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) and polyethylene glycol with carrier fluids to form a moldable paste at room temperature. This technology is be very helpful for bone fracture and defects healing.

This 3D-printed dough like biomaterial structure is yet to reach the clinical state, which means that it will take time to reach in the market for sale. Scientists are hopeful that this can also be useful in fixing some more complex and larger bones. So if all goes as per plan, then fixing bone defects will become easy and fast.