9 Cards Home Launcher : A smart launcher makes your life easier

By | May 2, 2014

9 Cards Home Launcher is a newly launched smart, beautiful and highly customizable launcher, which enhances your Android experience. The interface the app is quietly easy to use and it is similar to the Timely alarm clock app and centered around the collection of apps. It uses the gesture -based system for navigation through the app, which is very simple to use and has got beautiful animations.

Its uses a unique hierarchical interface, which keep an eye on your daily activities and places visited and intelligently activates app categories. It has the learning capability, the more you use it becomes more intelligent and identify your usage patterns and help in organizing your apps. It also recognizes what apps you use more and which apps you use at home, office or during commute.



  • Organize your Apps : This app is very intelligent and it organizes your apps into your collections. You can able to quickly access to the apps most you use.
  • Tine Saving : you don’t need to spend you time in searching for a certain app. It can access the necessary app quickly.
  • Adaptable : The usage of smartphone depends on the time, place and your situation. 9 cards app adapts with your usage and launches the required apps when and what you want.
  • Discover new apps : With 9 cards you can discover and share your app collections in the community.
  • Non intrusive : 9 cards can coexist with your existing launcher and provides the extra layer of organization and it can customized to appear anywhere in your home screen.
  • Customize : You can customize this app according to your usage, search for new themes, modify the existing themes and create your own themes.

Whats new in 9 Cards

  • You can now share your favorite app collection with your friends with a simple link. You can become a curator or an expert and can get recognized in the 9 cards community.
  • New modes are available in 9 cards everywhere.
  • New animation are available for the card transitions.

Overall, it is the most intelligent launcher when compared with the existing ones. It can be customized according to your usage.

Download 9 Cards Home Launcher.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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