7 must have apps for Windows Phone 8

By | July 2, 2014

Windows Phone is the most popular mobile Operating System after Android and iOS, but it faces lots of criticism when come to the number of apps. The number of apps in Windows Apps Store is not even near to then number of apps available in Google Play Store or Apple store. But the number of apps for the Windows Phone has been increasing day by day. Microsoft is working hard to compete it with other popular OS like Android and iOS.

If you are new to Windows Phone Operating System then this article definitely help to choose the must apps for Windows Phone 8. Here I am listing 10 must have apps for Windows Phone 8.

1. Facebook


Facebook has became most popular social networking site and I saw a lot of people looking at their Facebook newsfeed always. These days it has became like not having Facebook in the mobile is like not having the telephone. There is built-in app with Windows Phone People app allows you to hook up your Facebook contacts and check the latest updates, but the official Facebook app for Windows Phone do every kind of Facebook functions like posting the updates, check-ins and photos. It has one of the best feature is that you can have the app set your lock screen to go through your top liked photos.

Download Facebook app for Windows Phone

2. Yelp


Yelp is used to search for the places to shop, eat, drink, relax and hangout and also read the reviews of an active community of locals. You can also use the built in maps for the same purpose, but Yelp is last world on crowd sourced ratings for all types of local storefronts. Using Yelp you can find the nearby restaurants, bars, cafes and more very quickly. Using Yelp you can also check in for deals and also write your own reviews directly from the app.

Download Yelp

3. Skype


Skype is the most popular premium voice over IP service and instant messaging service from Microsoft. Using Skype app make free Skype to Skype audio and video calls and instant messages to people around the world. You can make video and voice calls to any Skype users of any platform like Android, Mac, iPhone and Windows. To send instant messages to Skype friends you need sign up with the Microsoft account or create a Skype account. It also allows you send the regular messages and calls to the regular mobile phones and land phones at very low rates.

Download Skype

4. The Weather Channel


The weather channel brings together more than 200 meteorologists and the ultra local trupoint forecasting technology to provide the users more accurate weather forecast. It provides the more detailed weather information from the reliable sources in a clear and pleasing design. It also offers radar maps, hourly and weekly forecasts and videos of the local and general interest. It also includes the severe weather center and also ability to browse the user-contributed iWitness weather photos.

Download The Weather Channel

5. Twitter


Twitter is the most popular microblogging and social networking service which allows the user to send and read the 140 character text messages which are called tweets. It allows the users to follow the celebrities and access to their updates. Official Twitter app for Windows Phone lets you share the photos and location with your tweets in the ad-free and clearly designed environment and you can also watch the Vine videos at the right side of the app.

Download Twitter

6. Netflix


Netflix is the most popular on-demand Internet streaming media which currently available to the some parts of the world like North and South America, Caribbean and parts of Europe. With Netflix the small screen has became bigger and now offers a reasonable to view the video entertainment. It allows you to watching the shows continuously started on bigger device and also choose the new selections and add them to your playlist. It is full featured and minimalist player interface for viewing the interface.

Download Netflix

7. Mint


Mint is the best free way to manage your money. Now Mint has introduced for Windows Phone and it’s uses now don’t miss out the best personal finance management service. It pulls all your personal finance accounts into one place and allows you to manage your money from anywhere. Windows Mint app may not match all the features of Mint app in Android and Iphone versions. It comes with a clean and clear design which gives you the instant access to balance your accounts, sending habits, financial transactions and budgets.

Download Mint

These are some must have apps for Windows Phone. Still there are so more best apps for windows phone like WhatsApp, Viber, Pandora Vine, Instagram and more health apps.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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