7 fundamental Social Media tips for startups

By | November 28, 2014


Success stories of few startup companies such as Airbnbd Distractify prove that the better social media strategy is the cornerstone of the strong startup launch. An active social media presence can help the brands create the meaningful and lasting relationship with their clients. One can also use Social media for the customer service and feedback can put the startup in the strong position. Here I am listing few fundamental social media tips for startups.

1. Create social media strategy before creating social media accounts

Before choosing the right platforms, think of your business objectives and how the social media can achieve those. Keep in mind which audience you need to target and what genre of company you want to be on social media. Make your company’s social media presence congruent with the company culture. It doesn’t mean that you cannot tweet every once in a while, but aim for the consistency across your feeds. The difference in the purpose of your brand should reflect in your social media.

2. Choose right social media platforms for your business

Most of the brands blindly choose Facebook or Twitter because of their larger user base. But remember, if your targeted audience don’t make up bug part of that user base, then it is not the right place for you. While not every sector has the clear preference for social media platforms there are important determinants which can help you to choose the right social platform for you, target group of your audience, nature of your service, location. But if your business revolves around marketing, then promoted tweet or Facebook Ads should be your first choice.

3. Recruit new members on social media

Any startup’s online fans isn’t limited to the potential customers and investors. If you are looking out for the passionate and talented individual to join your cause and make them your followers. Once you have any position open, spread the news across social media, especially if you are looking for someone acute with social media. Use Instagram like networks to highlight the company culture and share company milestones.

4. Save money on customer service using social media

In the early days of your business, it is very crucial for having an open line communication with your clients. But it is cost effective, as your customer support representative can double as your social media manager and social media profile don’t cost much to setup. Using social media to extend customer support is as easy as making social listening a mandatory task in the social media routine. Use the social management tool such as Hootsuite, to setup the search streams for your brand and track all mentions in real time.

5. Build online community of brand ambassadors

Behind every successful brand marketing strategy is the genuine human connection. It is best to show your social media followers the people behind your product or the service you offer and what the inspiration behind your startup. You can use this as the opportunity to look for the social media influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors. These ambassadors offers the startups with the exposure they need to develop into the global brand.

6. Evaluate social media strategy frequently

Startups can get devastated by fast pace and growth. Once you setup your accounts and created the social media management routine, schedule your regular checks for all your channels to maintain the steady presence. Tools such as SocialBro and Hootsuite can grade your social presence with one click and can receive reports on your engagement reach and profile strength.

7. Don’t afraid to experiment

While it helps to be aware of strategies work traditionally we encourage you to make experiments and stand outside of the box. After all, essence of startup spirit is to problem solve in an efficient and innovative way.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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