6snap app for Windows Phone : Alternative to SnapChat


SnapChat still kept Windows Phone users in darkness without releasing the official app for Windows Phone. But Rudy Huyn has done an excellent job by introducing the 6snap app for Windows Phone which brings all the features of Snapchat for Windows Phone. Before 3 weeks Snapchat has announced the text chat and video calling services and Windows Phone users also want the same features too. 6snap


It includes all the features of Snapchat and here is the list

  • You can share your videos and pictures with the Snapchat users.
  • Ability to see the stories of your best friends and the scores of your friends and post snap on your story.
  • Add text to your pictures and you can draw your own.
  • Displays more snaps, so you can scroll down to see the new ones and search for the old ones.
  • Search for the friends using the Snapchat.
  • Save the pictures on the phone and can use the front and back camera.
  • Manage the privacy.
  • Receive the notifications with the custom ringtone.

Although, it includes all the main features of Snapchat, still it miss out some features like lens support, live tile, extend the picture hub and more. But the developers are still working on it and they may still add the some more features. It is an unofficial app of Snapchat for Windows Phone and ┬ánow the Windows Phone users can have the conversations with iOS and Android users. If you are fan of SnapChat, then definitely grab it because it incorporates all the features of the SnapChat, anyhow still Windows Phone doesn’t have official SnapChat app yet. Download 6snap for Windows Phone from here. After using it share your experience with us in the comments box below.