64-bit Chrome desktop browser now available on OS X for early adopters


Google has planned to release a web browser for its Chrome browser which runs on OS X in Mac, but finally this 64-bit Chrome desktop browser is supporting the Operating system windows 7 as well as windows 8 OS. Recently Google have released his 64 bit chrome browser to the windows 7 OS and windows 8 OS.

But Google have to announce this officially about launch of its new OS X 64 bit beta test chrome browser, but the company  has apparently put in the updated build in its Canary and Dev Channels for the Mac users. If suppose you are running on the latest version of canary on your Mac device, the software should read as 64 bit capable in its about tab.

Before knowing the advantage of this new version 64 bit, please be advised that Canary and Dev releases are not final builds of Google’s web browser, so expect to encounter a bug or two along the way. The use may get this update after two months where Google 64 bit push for its windows Canary and Dev channels, so the company appears to be taking a no platform left behind approach.

The users of this browser wants 64-bit Mac systems better performance along with more multi-tasking support. However, since it’s still being tested, it may be a while before users will be able to get the full benefits of the improvements as Google updates the browser.