64-bit Android L developer preview available now

By | October 10, 2014

Android devices with 64-bit architecture are slowly entering the market, with many more due in the new year. In this arrangement Google has preparing itself to tackle this conditions and launched the 64-bit Android L developer preview emulator so that developers can start developing and test their 64-bit apps.


This could be great news for those who want to eek the most possible performance out of their devices and apps. The benefits list that are highlighted by Google in this update includes large number of registers, increased addressable memory space and new instruction sets.

Looking closer this is an x86 release, which takes you back to the Intel which has been working hard with Android to gain official support from Google for their processing chips. If you have developed an app using Java, then your will automatically benefit from new x86 64 bit architecture.

With the available information, we cannot confirm anything here, but we should welcome it into the ranks of mips64 and ARM 64 in the officially supported Google game. Developers can download Android L developer preview NDK version from Android developers website and start testing their 64-bit apps today.

For the users, this is a great step forward for the folks building the favorite devices and apps for us. It is unfortunate that we need to wait for Android L to drop before we can enjoy these new performance updates. As Nexus 6 is going to launch this month, we can assume that Android L is not so far.

Download Android L developer preview from Android developers siteĀ 

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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