5G wireless hits amazing 3.6GBps speeds in field test

By | October 12, 2015


Everyone wants super fast internet speed for smartphone. People almost forget the life before 4G LTE wireless data especially in America. Huawei have completed field test of 5G wireless service and the 5G service gave speed up to 3.6 GBps. This 5G service will replace currently available 4G LTE mobile broadband in near future.

Huawei has conducted this trail in association with Japanese telecom company NTT DOCOMO. This trail was conducted in Chengdu, China. Engineers were able to reach maximum speed of 3.6 GBps with average speed of 1.34 GBps. This test is different from the others as it was conducted in real time environment. Samsung and Nokia have also conducted similar kind of test, but they need totally new type of infrastructure.

Dr. Wen Tong, the CEO of Huawei Wireless Network said, ‚ÄúThis joint field trial represents a significant advance toward fulfilling Huawei’s commitment to developing 5G technology standards before 2018. Results like these show we are making rapid progress and are on the right path. I am confident that what we have learned here will be reflected in even more innovative technological advances as we continue working on 5G research,”

Some other US carriers like Comcast and Verizon are also planning to launch their own 5G service. Race to develop 5G standard networks is currently going strong and it looks like Huawei is up for the challenge. We can expect 5G networks in near future.