5 startups to watch in 2015

By | November 20, 2014

We are living in the information era and this the reason, we need to eye on tech startups which are most promising. These startups truly innovate and brings us the better solutions to the problems which arise as the product of this information era and advancements in the technology. The magic of this information era is anybody can utilize the technological innovations to create the business and focus on finding the solution to the consumer problems, even though the entrepreneur didn’t invent it. Here I am listing few such startups which deserves your eye in 2015.

5 startups to watch in 2015

1. Kytabu


Education is very important to everyone to go ahead in everyone’s life and particularly very important in African continent for those who are looking to shuttle the fast growing economies though out the continent. Instead of being the single story distressed whole Africa has came to represent in the cultural subconscious for many Americans and each region has sprout industries and rising leaders hovered to become the world leaders in near future. Coming to the Kytabu, it is the Kenyan startup which was succeeded in digitizing thousands of textbooks which were used in the education system in the country. It lets the users to subscribe to the portions of the textbook or an entire book on their mobile, PC and any platform of their choice. This makes education more affordable for those who seek it,

2. Square


Square Inc is the financial services, merchant services aggregator and the mobile based payments company headquartered in San Francisco, California. There are lots of mobile payments services are there for the merchants to choose from, but Square sets itself out of the crowd by being the fresh new startup which has already acquired Starbucks as it first client. The payments through Square are very fast and secure and allow both the buyers and sellers to know that their transaction has been very smooth one.

Though they already have Starbucks in their clientele they are focusing on mom and pop type establishments which cannot afford another payment service. A tech startup with the business sense and ethic doesn’t want to forget where it has come from and it is the startup which you need to watch for sure.

3. Lyft


Lyft is the American based transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco. It is currently operating in around 65 cities around U.S including New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, San Francisco and more. Int he current era every one is connected by the technology which allows those who want to be entrepreneurs an entire new market to break into. Lyft drivers doesn’t make any wage technically which would be illegal, instead of this they offer services online for tips. This offers the cheaper alternative for those who are looking for a cab and don’t want to pay the enormous amount. With the innovative concept this is the must watch startup in near future.

4. New Relic


New Relic is the software analytics company headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2008 by Lew Cirne. It traces the transactions across the services and tiers to to provide the end-to-end visibility and automatically maps each tier of the apps to easily visualize the relation between them. Currently, cloud storage is all rage, given that most of the computing is done through the mobile devices, which usually don’t have much storage.

It also let the users to manage the application policies alert channels by creating the specified notification groups or take advantage of the New Relics integrated alerting channels in the all in one unified dashboard.

5.Mall for Africa


African economy is rapidly growing and in such case demand for the products is going through the roof. However, whole the African continent is still developing, we cannot expect the infrastructure to deliver the products to the customers. Coming to the mall for Africa, it is the service which allows the people to order the products from the retailers outside Africa such as from U.S and U.K to be delivered to their location.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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