5 must have security apps for iPhone and iPad


The main problem that most of the smartphones facing today is regarding security and it is very essential to keep the security measures very stringent for your iPhone or iPad. Hacker makes use of the technology and can steal your confidential data with the help of wiretapping or using any other techniques which would be threats for iPhone. But to counter this there are some security apps which helps the iPhone users to stay away from hackers and protects your important data and passwords.

With the increase use of technology many of the smartphone users will use them for online banking transactions and other business purposes. So it is very important to have security apps on your iPhone to protect all your data. Here I am listing some must have security apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. Find my iPhone


If you have lost your iPhone, iPad then Find my iPhone is the best app which allows you to use the another iOS devices to find the device and protect your data. This app essentially “lo-jacks” your device and the lost can be tracked using the GPS-based location feature on your iPhone. You can track down the stolen iPhone through the Apple’s website or from the other iOS based service using this app.

First install the app on your device, open it and sign in with the Apple ID using  the iCloud and find your device with the help of the Find my iPhone and locate the missing device on the map, remotely lock it, display the message, play the sound or erase the data on the device.

Download Find my iPhone.

2. Norton Snap


Norton Snap is the QR code scanner app which protects your mobile device and your personal information from the dangerous QR codes. Hackers now a days easily encodes the malicious URL into the QR codes using the tools available on the internet. Norton Snap helps you to block the unsafe website they load and hack your data.


  • Scan the QR codes and block them if they are unsafe.
  • Identify the safe sites and blocks the malicious sites before they load.
  • It not just view the shortened address but also view the final destination of the QR code linked to.
  • Provides the reports of the site, whether it is safe or potentially dangerous or to be avoided completely.

Download Norton Snap.

3. 1Password


Generally, everyone will be facing the problem of forgetting the passwords but for this 1Password is the solution as it remember your passwords and secure them behind a “Master password” of your choice. It creates the strong, unique passwords for every site and remembers all the passwords for you and you can login with a single tap. It features the secure military grade 256-bit AES encryption and also feature auto lock feature which helps to keep the data protected even if you lost your device.

1Password includes the iCloud and Dropbox support which automatically synchronizes the data on all your device. It helps you to automatically login to the websites with out asking the password. Strong password generator creates the strong passwords and unique passwords for every sites.

Download 1Password.

4. Lookout


Lookout is one of the best security apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. It features the modern day security features those one would like on the smartphone within one app. It is the best app to protect your precious iOS device from the data loss, theft and other threats which put your personal information at risk.

Lookout locates your lost device from anywhere using any virtually internet connected device. The another amazing feature is it saves the device’s location before it runs out of the battery. It also features the alerts which notify you when your OS is not up to date and it helps to backup the contacts automatically.

Download Lookout.

5. Virus barrier


VirusBarrier helps the iOS device to stop the viruses and malware passing through your iOS device and infecting your device. This security app from Intego is the is the best virus detector app which is able to scan the files including the email attachments and other files which are accessible from your device for the Mac and Windows related software. It has got the ability to repair the infected files and receive the malware definition updates.

Download Virus barrier.