5 Instagram marketing tips for startups



Instagram is the popular mobile photo and video sharing service which enables the users to share their photos on different social networking platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter. With Google AdWords bids are going high and Facebook is charging for even breathing on their portal, does promoting your startup is easy? So, you can choose other social media services which are free or have very less advertisers and engage with millions of people. Instagram is one of such platform which can promote your brand cheaply.

Here I am listing few Instagram marketing tips for startups to promote it and get visible traction from your product’s Instagram accounts.

1. Don’t be shy

In spite of the fact that Instagram is still in the incipient stage in India, most of the youth using this platform to share their photos with friends. But, nobody is too sure about how and what else can be done. So don’t by shy in following the people and it is not a disgrace or bad thing. You can promote your brand with your follower count increases. Almost 40% of the people you follow will follow you back.

2. Before following, keep this in mind

Post lot of pictures and by picture we don’t mean product pictures and as previously said Instagram is still in incipient stage, most people follow less number of people and less followers, so you can use this to get noticed, but doesn’t spoil shameless advertising. First try to engage the followers with general images and the use mix of product and general images.

3. Good to have follower base building up, now do this

Start posting pictures of your product, but mix up with general photos. But be careful here, don’t give away all the information and let your followers comment and ask for more details, so that you can build leads.

4. Nobody wants to go out, keep it in mind

We understood that, it is hard for anyone to go out of Instagram, so don’t expect any clicks on your posts. Provide your followers with data they want and do whatever it takes to keep them from drifting away.

5. Create a follow up mechanism

If audience ask for more details such as how they can buy and ask them to use another messaging app for easy communication such as WhatsApp and ask them send queries on WhatsApp. Just like you send mails, you can use WhatsApp to broadcast daily remainder on mobile phones.