5 Best Smartphone with great camera features

By | September 11, 2014

Smartphones are getting better and bigger, but the two don’t always coincide generally. These smartphones offer the best we’re seeing today. However, if we go through a closer look to some of the high end devices that are not only offering better performance but good camera as well. Even some brands also has devices dedicated towards the camera such as Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, Nokia Lumia 1020 etc. If you are looking to get the best smartphone in your pocket along with the attached digital camera, this post will help you find out the worthy one out of tons of smartphone available that claims to offer better camera and features.

Recently Apple at the Flint center launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with outstanding camera features along with extra slo-mo(slow motion) technology that helps you capture wonderful moments easily and nicely on the go.

5 Best Smartphone with great camera features

1. Nokia Lumia 1020


Smartphones have not only got smarter in recent years, they have also developed so much in the camera department that there’s an argument to ditch the compact camera altogether.

Nokia is on the top gear of photography in its smartphones. It was the first to put a large-sensor in one (up to 41 mega pixels), the first to introduce a floating element for image stabilization, and the first smartphone to opt for super-high resolution as a work-around to alleviate zoom issues.

Lumia 1020 camera advantages

  • Inherent smartphone abilities to share/apps
  • Raw files hold plenty of detail at low ISO settings
  • Image stabilisation great to assist with shots in low
  • Touchscreen is responsive
  • Bright exposures, manual controls available

2. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

galaxy K zoom

This is the re-designed version of Galaxy Zoom, Samsung with this smartphone cum digital camera is really worth to keep in your bag if you are going on some trip or outing. One best thing with this device, you don’t have to carry any other things externally to capture moments with your friends or family. If you are familiar with the Android family then you can at think once about this.

The Galaxy K Zoom offers 10x optical zoom without loosing the quality of the actual image. If you have doubt and not liking it much, just scroll down to see more devices here that has been listed known for better camera all the way.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5


The Galaxy S5 is one of the popular Samsung’s series of Galaxy smartphones and replaces last year’s Galaxy S4. The new Galaxy S5’s camera comes with a slightly larger 1/2.6-inch CMOS BSI sensor and an fantastic pixel-count of 16MP but the maximum aperture remains unchanged at F2.2 compare to S4. The Galaxy S5 also offers 4K video capture but has to make do without an optical image stabilization system.

With great camera experience, you will also get a powerful smartphone in your hand with heart rate sensor, finger print scanner security and more. According to me, this could be a nice deal for those who wants to grab better camera with powerful smartphone.

4. HTC One M8


One M8 is has taken the best smartphone place already, as it packs powerful hardware and outstanding features. However, in terms or camera, it features only 4 mega pixel camera but the technology they have used is just out of the world. HTC call this ultra mega pixel camera. I am not much sure about the video quality as haven’t compared to any device yet but I am sure about its camera which is simply great.

You can directly compare the images captured with Nokia Lumia 1020 with One M8, you won’t get much differences. One the whole, with One M8 you are not just getting the better camera but you are grabbing 2014’s best smartphone in terms of performance and design.

5. iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus


Apple has recently launched the iPhone 6’s two variant with bigger and brighter display features powerful hardware with many new included features. At the launch event of the device, Apple guys were giving more exposure on its camera and performance rather than things like display. design etc. Apple shocked everyone at the launch event by showing the outstanding camera features along with Slo-mo video capturing technology.

Compared to iPhone 5, Apple has upgraded almost everything that was very needed to stay in the market to compete with devices like Xperia Z3, Note 4, One M8.

However, the iPhone 6 Plus has got only 8 MP main shooter but is enough to compete with any Android smartphone packs 13-16 MP shooter.

Bottom Line

It all depends on you which you liked and the reason behind it. Here I have also missed some other devices known for their best camera like Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3 and LG G3. You can also read the reviews to choose the best among all.

Do share is you found this article worthy and helpful for those who are looking camera cum smartphone.