5 Best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone and iPad running iOS 7



Don’t you think Jailbreak is a bitter word??, However, it comes with so much of opportunity to iOS and Cydia is the medium to get them. If you are looking to get best cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad running iOS 7, we have got a few suggestions for you. From neat security lock to a battery tweaks, these 10 Cydia tweaks are sure to give you the iDevice you want.

To get the app which I have listed below, you have to first have to open the Cydia app and then search for the app with the name.

Still if you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, follow the link to jailbreak it. Click Here.

5 Best Cydia Tweaks for iPhone and iPad running iOS 7



The iFile app lets you download and install files from Safari. This app is pretty simple and decent but also really necessary. You can also access system files with iFile, editing and deleting as you need. A file manager is essential for anyone who breaks free of the pressure a stock operating system puts on them, and iFile is a great one for jailbroken devices.



You know, this is one of the famous Cydia app for jailbroken iOS devices. Winterboard allows you theme your iPhone or iPad as you like, even you can make your iPhone look like Android- Tutorial Link, and just about every theme we have run into works from Winterboard. It’s free to download, too. If any app on this list is as important as the next, Winterboard is it, not according to me, people who are using tell like that.

Better WiFi


This is a really low-cost WiFi scanner app for your iPad or iPhone, that finds the best signal based on reliability and speed. It will locate open WiFi signals, and even give you an notification of the signal strength. Good connections are important, and this will find the best one for you, I hope. Get the app from Cydia and start utilizing the WiFi seamlessly.



As you jailbreak and tweak your iPhone or iPad, you skid down the rabbit hole. AptBackup keeps track everything for you, so should you ever lose your jailbreak access on your device. It is basically like a log for all your tweaks, allowing you make them again at any time, or you can check what you did and when.

3G Unrestrictor


Do you face slow network connection most of the time?? Also some app on iOS doesn’t work with slow 3G speed. 3G Unrestrictor is the best tool that allow you use any app you like, whenever you like, regardless of connection speed. Also if one like to travel to spots that may not have the good connection speed, and might be necessary if you live in an area like that.