5 Apps that transform your Android device into Galaxy S5

By | July 2, 2014


Nothing will make your Android smartphone just like the Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, but there are some things that you can do which will make your Android device a bit more like an Galaxy S5. With so many apps available to you, there is a fix for just about any problem you might face — even the problem of not having an Galaxy S5.

Install the apps listed out there to transform your Android device into Galaxy S5, to get these listed apps you no need to root your device or any custom recovery on your device, just follow the download link given after each of the app description to grab those on your phone to make it look Galaxy S5.

Apps that transform your Android device into Galaxy S5

Instant Heart Rate


The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a quite handy heart rate monitor in-built on the back, right below to the camera. Sounds a bit crazy, but it is actually very useful for those who need to analyze their health a bit closer than the normal person. Athletes or those with health problems will find the feature almost important to monitor, and having a phone with it built right in is excellent, if nothing else.

so if you don’t have Galaxy S5 and want to monitor heart rate then, we would suggest you the Instant Heart Rate app. After placing your finger over the lens of your device camera, the app will track of the color changes in your skin (blood flow, you know) and will show the almost exact number. I can’t assure whether it will give exact result or not but as we have seen the result was decent enough to monitor your health.

Download Instant Heart Rate App [Play Store Link]

Go Power



Go Power is an app that attains the same features as the S5’s TouchWiz power saving mode. Offering you almost free tenure to throttle down your services, It keeps a power meter in your notification bar, along with quick access to those settings which you use most often. You also get a quick way to get to more control of the battery consumption.

Download Go Power [Play Store Link]

IR Universal Remote

IR Universal Remote

You know, the Galaxy S5 can be used as your TV remote, if you also want your device to start functioning like the Galaxy S5 go for IR Universal Remote, the beneficial part to IR Remote is the amount of hardware the app has saved. BluRay players, Spanning cable providers, and TV manufacturers, IR Universal Remote probably has you covered.

Download IT Universal Remote [Play Store Link]



Aside from keeping track of your heart rate, the S5 also counts your steps very precisely, it keep track of how many steps you generally take in a day, how much calorie you burn and more, now this feature also you can get on your non S5 device, go through the link given below to download the Runtastic Pedometer app on your device. Along with the footsteps, the pedometer keeps track of how much distance you have travelled and shows the map as well. You can also switch it to the pro version if you find something useful.

Download Runtastic Pedometer[Play Store Link]

Sidebar Launcher


If you want to get almost every feature of Galaxy S5, we will recommend you a launcher — Sidebar launcher, to be precise. The launcher doesn’t take over your device as some others do, but includes a layer of context to your Android experience which I can say you have never experienced like ever before. You can even get to your shortcuts, settings, your memory usage and even your favorite apps, all from within the launcher. Follow the download link below to get this Sidebar Launcher.

Download SideBar Launcher[Play Store Link]