EE Launches a 4GEE Capture Cam for streaming HD video

By | October 28, 2015


EE has already launched a 4GEE Action Cam earlier this year, but it looks like the mobile operator company is not satisfied with that, so it has launched a new 4GEE Capture Cam. This 4GEE Capture Cam is tagged as “world’s first wearable 4G streaming camera.” This camera can allow people and business man to keep an eye on things that they want to see live from anywhere.

The 4GEE Capture Cam can live stream 720p video via data connection or directly through its 4G SIM. This camera is light and strong, so it will survive most of the situations. This is very small camera, so you can attach it to yourself and live stream HD video to your friends and family via 4G connections. EE has not revealed its price, but company said that it is going to release more details pretty soon.

This camera is also capable of recording full HD 1080p video, but here you have to store the footage to its built-in 4GB memory or the external microSD card inserted inside the 4GEE Capture Cam. This Capture Cam can also work as an 8 Mega Pixel camera. It can be linked to your smartphone through iOS and Android companion app. The price of the device will be lesser than the Action Cam for sure. This 4GEE Capture Cam is going to roll out before Christmas 2015.

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