44 percent of Twitter users have never tweeted



Twitter has around 974 million users across the world according to the new statistics revealed, about 44 percent of twitter users haven’t tweeted a single post.

While Twitter typically remains tight-lipped on users detail, another report has found that while the online networking site has a considerable measure of readers and users, not as much respond or send their own particular tweets.

The report expressed that just 40 percent of new records sent no less than one tweet within the first month that they joined. These monthly effective users make up around 100 million of Twitter’s aggregate user base.

It was additionally recorded that 30 percent of Twitter records had sent just 1-10 tweets while 13 percent had conveyed more than 100.

It is accepted that out of the 900+ million users, just 215 million are normally effective tweeters and responders which brings about in excess of 500 million tweets being sent every day.

While these detail could be disturbing, there are still so much profits for Twitter for having inactive users. As long as users are perusing and going by the site, Twitter can keep on collecting income from advertisement and have sponsored tweets.