3RDi camera can capture shots from middle of your forehead

By | November 7, 2015


Get over with Google Glass folks, as there is an interesting wearable camera in the market folks. 3RDiTEK has announced a new wearable product named 3RDi camera that lets you capture life by placing it at the center of your forehead.

The Montreal based startup has launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise fund to produce this wearable tech. This is a high definition camera, which looks like a white headband. This new camera lets users capture the image by just tapping on the left side of camera band. You can also share these photos on social media platform through its companion app. It will shoot a shot without illumination by tapping on the right side of the band.


This High Definition camera comes with autofocus and wide angle view. It can also capture video. One can start recording by sliding finger forward on either side, and slide backward for stopping the recording. This product also comes with a microSD slot for expanding the storage capacity, an integrated microphone, one micro USB port and Bluetooth.

The 3RDiTEK has launched the Indiegogo Campaign for raising the fund. The company is looking to raise $250,000 for making this product. You can get a 3RDi unit for $194 once the product hits the market.