New Nest Thermostat controls water tank and heating system



Google owned Nest Lab has unveiled the third Generation of its learning thermostat that is currently available. This new thermostat comes with bunch of new useful features as well as more beautiful design. This device is also compatible with more products than the earlier version of learning thermostat from Nest.

The third generation of Nest’s thermostat comes with better and sexy looks, this device is slimmer than the earlier model. The display of this new thermostat is sharper, bigger and brighter, so that you can read the alerts, messages and readings on the display pretty easily.

This third generation device can be used to control hot water tank and central heating system. Users can now adjust the hot water temperature and schedule it from their phones or thermostats. You can turn your hot water supply off, even when no one is at home. This new device comes with a new feature named “Farsight”, which will display the target temperature or the time when you wave at it from across your room.

Nest lab has also added a new tool that is called advanced modulation that tells you the exact amount of gas you need to burn to reach the desired temperature of your room. This thermostat is also compatible with Nest Protect and Nest Cam. These three devices will work together to solve any problems without making any fuss. This new Thermostat from Nest Lab comes at the price of £199.