3D chocolate printer of 3D Systems at CES 2015

By | January 7, 2015

3D Systems knocks the door of culinary arts with the unveiling of CocoJet at CES this year. The leading giant in the 3D printing industry 3D Systems has collaborated with The Hershey Company, a leading company in chocolate industry to unveil CocoJet at CES in Las Vegas this year. Very much like the working mechanism of the traditional 3D printers which produce plastic objects, the CocoJet printers melts chocolate and squeezes them to get the desired shape.

3D printed chocolate CocoJet

The CocoJet customizes the design and prints in dark, milk or white chocolate as per the users choice and thus, making an ideal tool for confectioners and chocolatiers. This printer was demonstrated at the Hershey’s Chocolate World exhibition on last December. The tourists witnessed the live making of 3D chocolates and the mechanism of the printer.

3D printed chocolate

The CocoJet is considered as one of the most advanced 3D chocolate printer in operation. The Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of 3D systems, Chuck Hull says that CocoJet has opened the gates to power and possibilities of 3D printing into the field of culinary arts.

Commercializing this printer is under progress and the date has not be declared until now. Apart from Cocojet, 3DS has also showcased at CES 2015 the 3D printer ChefJet Pro Series which is first profession-grade food printer to print edible 3D candies and cake decors. ChefJet Pro is expected to be available in the commercial market by mid 2015.