Dell plans to invest in Indian Startups with its $300 Million Fund arm

By | November 27, 2015


Dell Ventures, which is a $300 Million Venture arm of computing giant Dell is planning to invest in Indian Startups. The computing giant is going to partner or invest in the new age startups in the nation to expand its reach in the Asian Market.

The company is trying to invest more in India, as the country is growing very fast in Internet business. More and more company like SoftBank, Amazon and Alibaba are investing billions to gain supremacy in this best remaining e-commerce market in the world. Dell will officially announce its plans of India in next few months.

Amit Midha, the president of Asia-Pacific and Japan at Dell said, “We’re investing to innovate in India, to innovate in Asia, to create an outreaching ecosystem in Asia which is different. We announced Dell Ventures in China, we announced a $125-million investment in China and we’ve also announced a continued expansion in India, from a 27,000-people perspective”

The company is planning to invest in the startups of different categories like Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud computing, security and analytic’s space. Midha said that the company is looking to invest in the startups that have gone beyond the early phase and are looking to grow their businesses.

He also added, “we are interested in furthering our strategy in India. We are not a hedge fund, we are not a VC firm — what we are interested in is, as and when an opportunity comes that fits in with our strategy, we will be interested in backing. And not only commercial relationships, but also financial relationships,”

Dell had created a separate fund named “Strategic Innovation Fund” for investing in startups in 2013. The company would be looking to make strategic partnerships not necessarily financial partnership with the startups, which will be backed by the company. He gave the example of InMobi to explain it more clearly. The computing giant has also announced the plan to launch its Application Testing Startup Incubator Program in India.