2nd Gen Google Glass may come without screen



The second generation of Google Glass may come without display. Currently, Google is working on its eye wearable device dubbed as Project Aura. According to the report of The Information, the search giant is working on three new model of its wearable computer device. One of these models may come without the screen.

This report suggests that the glass-less Google Glass will work on the audio and are made for the sports person. We don’t have much detail about these types of Google Glasses. Why Google is working on wearable computer without screen, whose name itself has Glass? we also don’t know yet. It is also not certain that this new product will be glass like wearable device.

This report also suggests that one of Google Glass model is made for the enterprise market, which is going to be used for business purpose instead of personal use. All these models of Google’s wearable computer will feature bone conduction for picking audio similar to the original Google Glass model.

Report also suggests that Google may release just two models instead of three. So it is also not clear that how many models Google is planning to officially launched. Earlier it was indicated that Google was working on only Google Glass Enterprise Editions. Still, there has not been any official announcement about the Google Glass, so we can’t say anything for sure.