$100 Nexus Smartphone with MediaTek CPU coming soon


According to some reports and rumors the tech giant has worked on the cheapest version of Nexus Smartphone. The reports said that the price of this Nexus Smartphone will be near to the $100.

$100 Nexus Smartphone with MediaTek CPU at the Q3 of this year

The  Google is working on the cheap Nexus Smartphone which will be near about $100 and it will be the first device on the Google side which has packed with MediaTek processor. This Nexus Smartphone will be priced closer to $100 and will be targeted to developing markets where low-cost Smartphones are popular. Mainly the Google is focusing on the South Asia countries and some parts of the Europe where low cost Smartphone is much popular as compared to the high end Smartphone and other gadgets.


The report is not verified till now, If in the case it is true, then in this year 2014 there is two Google Nexus Smartphone will be present in  the market, one is the traditional high-end Smartphone and other will be  the low cost budget range. Now this time the report does not mention that what are the other specifications of this Smartphone and it can be made by LG like other Nexus device is a question for all.

The launching date of the $100 dollar Nexus device is not in the report.  At this time no much information is available for this Google Nexus Smartphone. Now you have to wait for some interval of time. We are updating you in the upcoming days, until then stay updated.