10 iOS 8 Features copied from Android


At the WWDC Keynote on Monday 2nd June, Apple revealed new updated version of iOS and OS X Yosemite, and showcased a few awesome features. The changes that were laid out go past nonessential updates, for example, help for Indian keyboards, however there’s no notice of framework wide local-language support as of now.

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There is now doubt that Apple every year at WWDC gives some brilliant stuffs to their users and developers as well. This time they not even announced iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite but shocked everyone bye revealing the features included, But developers after getting the developer preview iOS beta on their iPhone and iPad they said that it has some new features that we have already seen in Android. Generally Apple is not known for copying anything but this is the fact, still there is no clarifications from Apple about this. If you want to know the 10 iOS 8 features copied from Android then just get down and read.

10 iOS 8 Features copied from Android

1. Use of dedicated search app

Apple with iOS 8 has started using new Spotlight to search the internet. Google’s Android search feature has been able to do this for a long time.

2. iOS new Keyboard with Quicktype

Apple’s new iOS 8 keyboard has a feature called QuickType, which can predict what word you are likely to type next. Android and BlackBerry smartphones are using this feature for years.

3. iOS 8 third party speaking keyboard – Swype

iOS 8 Swype keyboard

Speaking of keyboards, Apple this time with iOS 8 let you replace the iOS 8 keyboard with a third-party keyboard app like Swype. While Android users has always access customize their keyboard as per the need.

4. ‘Hey Siri’

iOS 8 Siri

You can utilize Siri in the car without touching your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8. You just need to say “Hey, Siri.” this features we have already seen in Android that does the same with the command “OK, Google.”

5. Auto sync to cloud storage

According to the launch event Apple reported that whatever you do with your iPhone or iPad it will automatically sync with the iCloud especially images and videos. Android users can also do that automatically through the service called Google+ photos. And unlike Apple, Google also gives unlimited storage for your photos.

6. Introduction of Widgets

iOS 8 widgets

Now iOS 8 can get the widgets on their notification center which was not available before, to use this kind of features, users need to jailbreak their device but in Android have always had widget.

7. Introduction to iCloud

iCloud Drive has become a recommended online storage service for iPhone, Macs, iPads, and iPhone or iPad users having Windows PC have to use iCloud. Which is almost identical to Google Drive and Dropbox.

8. New iMessage

Apple’s new messaging service uses the same features as we use everyday with WhatsApp and Snapchat, iMessage allows you to send videos, images and other files.

9. Video demo comes to Apple’s App Store

iOS 8 App Store

Now in App store you can watch video demo or trailer of any app or game before downloading it on your device. This feature also Google using with Google Play Store.

10. -todo- For you to fill

I am leaving the last point on you to get the iOS 8 beta on your device and let us know what feature you find similar to Android or Google services available foe Android users.

Share this to your buddies and friends if you are die hard fan of Android also this is the time to feel proud of being a Google user rather than Apple.

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