10 hidden Galaxy S5 features, stated by Samsung

By | April 22, 2014


We had first noted of the leaks lower pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a statement earlier in Feb of this year that advised that Samsung would set price its latest Android Kitkat  running handset lower than the previous Galaxy S series. As per the report, the reduced pricing advice for the Galaxy S5 has been suggested by wireless carriers.

According to the South Korean smart phone giant the Galaxy S5 includes best of Samsung with all new hardware and specifications. Galaxy S5 is the first device to come with finger print sensor to provide more security and privacy.

Here below are the top 10 Galaxy S5 hidden features that very fewer people know about, according to the Samsung itself. Let’s have a closer look to those hidden features that makes this device different then others falling under the same category.

10 hidden Galaxy S5 features, according by Samsung

1. Tilt for suggested tracks

In the pre-loaded music player, you can tilt the phone (if you are using this as landscape mode) to get a complete list of music files or tracks that are similar to the track you are currently listening to.

2. Write on screen with pencil

The great thing about this device is not require any S-Pen to write on the screen, you can use regular pencil to use this feature on Galaxy S5. You just need to increase the touch settings from the display settings.

3. Keep it safe for Kids

A special mode is added to this device the Kids Mode, in this mode the Samsung Galaxy S5 turns into a child-friendly handset, complete with cartoony, funny graphics and also limits the access to apps for the kids.

4. Hide sensitive content with Private mode

This Smasung offered many security and privacy features with Galaxy S5, If you want to keep pictures, documents, or videos away from others, Private Mode gives you a protected mode you can access from the lock screen.

5. Quick access to apps with Toolbox

Toolbox gives you an always-on-top shortcut widget for fast access to your favorite apps. This is not though hidden but it is very useful when you use this.

6. Check Caller information anytime

Suppose you are on call, but still you can access recent interactions with the caller as well as Google Plus Posts using the app called Nifty.

7. Receive the call without leaving the app you are using

Everyone hates those call that comes when you are playing games or doing some important stuffs, now this won’t bother much. You can easily reply to your calls without moving out to the apps you are working on.

8. Access Camera app from the Lockscreen

or those moments when seconds matter, you can add a shortcut button to the camera app on the lock screen to use it later while your screen is locked. A great feature that one will use for sure.

9. Choose the preferred Contacts

If one has dozens of contact stored in their device, those people can use this facility to select the people you care about the most and have them showed at the top in the messaging application.

10. Do more with less known camera app

Do you know there is dedicated camera especially for Samsung Galaxy S5 which allows you to do little more than pre loaded camera app.

If you own this unique smartphone then must comment your views to help other who are planning to get this device.