10 best health monitoring apps for Android


Health monitoring are the popular category apps that are most downloaded by the Android users. Health monitor with the help of the device sensors track your health and when you are running, cycling it keeps an eye on you and calculate the calories you spent on doing the work. There are so many health apps are available for the Android platform. Here I have done some research and found the 10 best health monitoring apps for Android

1. Instant Heart Rate Pro


Instant Heart Rate pro is dedicated health app to keep an eye on your heart to check your heart rate. It is considered as the most accurate heart rate monitor app for any Android smartphone and it doesn’t require any additional equipment. It is very easy to use, you just need to place your index finger on the device’s camera and now the app will track the color changer on your fingertip which is linked to your pulse. Then it uses the data to show your heart reading. It is awarded as the best Health & fitness app on the Mobile Premier awards 2011.

Download Instant Heart Rate Pro.

2. Moves


There are so many pedometers and fitness tracking devices in the market to track your fitness, but now if you have a Android smartphone then there is no need of having those things. Moves Android app automatically tracks your everyday life and exercise, all you need to have is phone in your pocket. It features automatic tracking of walking, cycling, playing and recognizes the places in your daily life. Observing your daily exercises will help you better to think about  your life in new way.

Download Moves.

3. Endomondo Sports tracker Pro


Endomondo Sports Tracker is the most popular health and fitness app which will track your distance and time when you are running, walking, cycling and more. It helps you to track your routes, record the statistics and share your workouts from the one single app. It works like an audio coach for you and motivate you and you can compete against the times set by the strangers and friends. It will analyze your fitness daily by keeping the full training diary and view daily training volume.

Download Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro

4. Zombies,Run!


It is very interesting fitness app and makes your running fun. If you are bored with running, then get the Zombies,Run! app and put on your headphones and you will be chasing by a horde of zombies out for brain and no time to get bored. It is an ultra immersive running game and audio adventure and really makes your running fun. It also has a story to tell with the radio messages and voice recordings played between the songs.

Download Zombies,Run!

5. SleepBot


This is amazing app which lets you know what is happening when you are asleep. It aims to let you know what are doing when you are asleep by providing the simple and comprehensive sleep tracking solution. It tracks how much you move around when you are sleeping, how long you sleep for and how often you wake up during the sleep and more. It features smart alarms which can be use to wake up during the light sleep and you can view the graphs of your sleep time. You can set and customize multiple alarms as alerts for your partner.

Download SleepBot.

6. Map My Ride+



With Map My Ride+ you can turn your phone into the ultimate cycling computer and easily tracks your route, distance, speed, calories and time with audio alerts to update on your way and so you don’t need to check by seeing the phone. It has the special feature that it adds the friendly competition by implementing leaderboards so that you can work hard to improve your place and achievements which you can unlock.

Download Map My Ride+. 

7. RunKeeper


Runkeeper is the good conventional app which tracks your place, chart weight loss, measure your workout distance, crush training goals and more. You can even control your music through this app during the workout, track walking, cycling, running and more. In addition you can also view the stats and the progress reports and get the audio guidance to keep you motivated.

Download RunKeeper

8. JEFIT Pro


JEFIT Pro is the comprehensive workout, fitness and health tracker which allows you to create and perform the workout routines. It is the ultimate fitness, bodybuilding and the workout trainer for all the individuals looking for the motivation to get into the gym and achieve the fitness goals. It also includes more than 1300 exercise instructions with animations and tips to teach the new exercises doing safely and correctly.

Download JEFIT Pro.

9. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter


MyFitnessPal is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight using the calorie counter with the Android smartphone. Calorie counting is not much exciting, but it is important to be aware of what you are eating. It has the huge food database of any Android calorie counter and fast food and exercise entry. It also tracks your exercise and view the progress reports and also use the barcode scanner to log the food instantly.

Download MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter.

10. Noom Weight Loss Coach


Noom Weight Loss coach comes with built-in fitness programs, diet tracker and also the personalized coaching system. It does many of the things same as MyFitnessPal. Users can log foods to track the calorie intake and the log workouts and weight loss progress. It also has the pedometer feature which can track how much you run or walk during the whole day. It gives various goals for you to work towards which makes easier to stick to the fitness plans long term.

Download Noom Weight Loss Coach.