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By | December 3, 2014


Facebook contests can help you to drive the huge fans to your brand over the short period time and can create the colossal impact to your Facebook page. Extracted from different sources, here I am listing some best Facebook contest examples. If you are thinking of creating the Facebook competition for the first time or looking out for some ideas for you next competition, then this article will help your for sure.

1. Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is an online fashion retailer and currently it has more than 8,50,000 fans and main objective is to increase sale of their Agenda product. Every year they run the promotion campaign to increase the sales and this year choose Heyo. To participate in the campaign you need to register with your personal details, email and choose your favorite product and share with your friends.

This competition has captured 9,000 emails and out of those 2000 emails were collected through mobile device. This campaign has resulted 23,000 likes, 388,700 unique views and 200% return on the investment in just 10 days.

2. Smart Shelters Inc

Smart Shelters Inc builds and installs safest in ground and above ground storm shelters, tornado shelters and safe rooms. It ran continuous 12 month giveaway, where every month they gave away the storm shelter. Using the customized shortstack version they attracted more than 36,000 fans. They created an email entry competition and also supported with the Facebook Ads. This page has started initially with just 800 fans and in just 5 months it went up to 5950 and now it has more than 36,000 fans.

This campaign has resulted more than 10,000 email submissions and 4,500 Facebook shares. Since launching Facebook page, they generated more than $7,50,000 additional revenue for their products.

3. Brush Buddies

Brush Buddies makes the brushing fun, with their innovative products and its objective is to increase awareness of the Brush Buddies globally. Brush Buddies have range of singing toothbrushes and they ran a competition to find out the best singer toothbrushes. Using SocialAppsHQ, they allow the people upload the video and can vote to find the best artist. The competition resulted in more than 23,000,000 impressions, 1 lakh users, 65,300 total votes, more than 30,000 most voted video, 101 days of voting, 30 contestants, 34 Twitter trends.

4. Abbe Pierre Foundation

Abbe Pierre is the foundation, which is a charity to improve the housing conditions of the poor and it currently has more than 280k fans. Its Agorapulse petition app is used to collect the names for a petition against the inadequate housing. A leaderboard was created showing who got the most friends to sign the petition and this created the competition angle.

This campaign has succeeded in generating more than 75,000 signatories and attracted more than 280k fans on the Facebook’s page from zero. Average page reach of 50 to 75k fans for every post they publish for free and more than 2,000 potential super fans, who liked at least 50 page posts with the Agorapulse’s CRM feature.

5. Nature Clean

Nature clean is the Canadian cleaning product and its Facebook competition is based on survey and sweepstakes app was created which the users could enter through their mobiles or desktop. This campaign ran for 3 months and in this time survey and sweepstakes shared almost 700 times. This campaign was held over 50,000 visitors of which 40,000 users participated in the survey and entered into sweepstakes.

6. Petopia International

Petopia international is the Singapore based Fitness Pet wellness center offering the fur parents and pets the best in grooming. Petopia used Tabsite applications to grow their fan base and the competition objective is to collect the relevant email subscribers, increase audience and gather research. With this competition Petopia has increased its fan base from 10,000 to 23,500 in just 2 months and currently the total number of fans stood at 52,000.

7. JBL

A custom sweepstakes app for JBL was created using Votigo which let the users to upload the photos, videos and text to the variety of media channels which reflected what the country music meant to them. Fans could use their Facebook, Twitter or text message to enter the competition. The promotion has also a mobile app so the entries could be uploaded from the mobile devices. This competition has more than 6,000 entries, 44,000 visitors and more than 107k page views. It has currently over 10 lakhs fans.

8. Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel is the home furnishing and houseware suppliers and it used Strutta platform to create the contest. To enter the contest, they first had to create the gift registry with Crate and Barrel and they need to submit 3 images and answer the 3 questions. The contest was promoted across all the channels, press releases, online advertising, email and blogger outreach and in store displays. This contest has resulted about $35 million in gift registry from two campaigns, more than 16,000 users shared their love story, views per year increased to 3 million and 5 lakh votes per year.

9. Vueling Europe

Vueling is the low cost airline and currently has more than 350k fans and its competition objective grow the fan base and increase the sales of tickets. On March 24, Vueling organized Vueling day where they ran Facebook promotion using Easy Promos for 100 giveaway flights. A simple sweepstakes was run the more friends you invited more entries you could make to the competition. This made sweepstakes to go viral and new fans were converting at 1 per second. This competition has resulted in 50,000 new fans in just 10 hours.

10. The Entertainer

The Entertainer is the toy shop in UK and its competition objective is to grow their fan base on Facebook. They decided to run weekly promotions from Friday to Sunday using the Antavo Promotions apps. Every week there is a toy giveaway and to enter the contest you were asked a question related to toys. Then you need to enter email address and following this you were offered a prize for sharing to your friends. After running the competition for 7 weeks it has got 8,000 subscribers and the conversion rate was shifted to 75.5%.


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