10 Best Extensions for FireFox Browser

By | June 19, 2014

The internet is full of useful information and entertaining sites, but browsing can become a major hassle when your window is cluttered with hundreds of ads, tabs and passwords that you can never remember. So here at TheTechBulletin, we put together a list of the top 10 Firefox add-ons that you must have. These extensions and add-ons will help your browser to improve the performance and make surfing the internet a pleasant experience. If you are still searching then I would suggest you just take a breathe and look at the list of 10 Best Extensions for FireFox Browser.


There might be a chance to forget some best one but I am sure all the listed add-ons are useful and popular. Also if you know about any best extension that can help people a lot then comment below, I will try to add them here as well.

10 Best Extensions for FireFox Browser

1. AdBlock Plus

This is one the most popular ad block plugin to exist with over 120 million downloads in Firefox browser. Highly effective, customizable down to individual adservers and ads, domain exclusions, it has all these options. My personal favorite because it hides CSS divs that contained the ads as well, which removes a lot of the white space that other ad blocking tools cause. If one gets through, or you only wish to disable certain ads, you can right click it and choose “Adblock.” You will never see that ad again.

Download AdBlock

2. Fire Gesture

Your wrist will no more get sore with this addon. By right-clicking and making gestures with the mouse, you will have the capacity to perform the basic tasks, for example, minimize, go forward, go back and open another page. You can forgot moving the mouse to the upper part of your screen. You will love downloading this simple to-utilize and exceptionally successful addon. Caution! This may turn into a distraction. The red scrawl in the screen shows a signal made by right-clicking the mouse and dragging. Download this addon and start using Fire gesture.

Download Fire Gesture

3. Xmarks

Want an extension on Mozilla Firefox browser that will sync your bookmarks across multiple browsers? What about one that tells you the expected reach of a website, how many bookmarks it is received from other users and some other related information about that site? If this sounds like something you are looking for then go for the Xmarks, an addon specially for you. This powerful extension offers a huge amount of customization to your bookmarks and will even sync and back them up them with multiple browsers to offer you precise data about the site.

Download Xmarks

4. FastestFox

is your internet speed low?? or the browser is taking more time to load a webpage?? This addon is everything you need to browse faster. All the features are included to improve your browsing efficiency and speed mostly. While you are viewing a page, FastestFox will download the successive page if it appears in a sequence. Then, once you move on to the next page, it will download the next, making navigating through different pages an absolute breeze. Your task is to just download this addon if you research frequently online.

Download FastestFox

5. Google Gears

An old extension but a a handy one for your browser, Google Gears is the Firefox add-on; you can use it with any browser on the desktop to store your Google web services data to your hard drive to keep safe from internet viruses. Why would you want to drag your Google Docs, Gmail or Google Calendar offline? You can use them without a Web connection as well, of course. If you love to travel frequent by air will understand how helpful this is, especially since it is easier to get free Wi-Fi in-flight than at airports these days. Google Gears also works with several non-Google Web apps, including Zoho Office and Remember the Milk.

6. ClickCutter AutoCopy

If your work is basically copy data from other websites then instead of selecting text and using right clicking or keyboard shortcuts to copy, all you have to do is select the text you want to copy and it is immediately copied to your clipboard. That is really all there is to it! It’s just one more addon that makes your browsing that much easier and even faster.

Download ClickCutter AutoCopy

7. Secure Login

Secure Login is an extension of the Firefox password manager- a security extension that manages all your password very well. If you choose to allow a login username and password to be remembered, you can later directly use this add-on to log you in automatically to your favorite webpage. This feature makes managing different passwords and accounts a breeze, as it will remember everything for you and input it automatically. If you have different password for different login credential then this extension might help you a lot.

Download Secure Login

8. DownloadThemAll

DownThemAll is an advanced and handy download manager for Mozilla Firefox. Boasting a download spped enhancement of surprisingly up to 400% and the ability to pause and resume downloads at any time, DownThemAll is an helpful resource if you are a regular downloader or used to download large files. In fact, you can download all the links and images of a single webpage with one click.

Download DownloadThemAll

9. NoSquint

If you always feel irritated by horrible color schemes (hot pink or Lime green or, anyone?) and small text, you are not the only one who feel so. The makers of NoSquint desighned this unique Firefox add-on to manage background color, text colors and font sizes. The days of working and reading dark red text on black backgrounds are now over; download this extension form the link given below and solve your text-related problems quickly.

Download NoSquint

10. IE Tabs V2

Some websites remain doggedly coded specially for the most secure Internet Explorer, especially where Microsoft-based products like Outlook Web Access are concerned. For that reason only the IE Tab comes into play for Firefox browse as an extension; it creates a new Firefox tab that simulates all the endemic features of Internet Explorer, but without any need of having a second browser.

Download IE Tabs V2

These are the best Extensions for FireFox Browser, download it, use it and leave a review how you are feeling after getting the extensions, also you cab suggest any decent extensions that should be there in the list, sure i will add them.