10 best BlackBerry apps for free

By | July 3, 2014

BlackBerry is the popular mobile Operating System and it is most powerful out of the box and there are also number of third party applications available for your BlackBerry and makes your device more useful. Installing the apps makes your device more functional and it is like breeze, because BlackBerry apps can be installed over the air. You can download the apps either through the app’s official site or from BlackBerry’s built-in browser. The files can be directly downloaded or the link can be sent to the mail and from there you can download the app.

For the new users of BlackBerry here I am listing must have 10 best BlackBerry apps which are available for free.


1. Viigo

Viigo is the fully features RSS feed reader which allow you to view your favorite feeds and keep yourself updated with the important news. It lets you to add your own feeds and it also comes with the well equipped variety of sports, politics, weather, tech and some other feeds. Preconfigured feeds feature will allow you to easily setup the traffic alerts, track the packages from UPS, keep update with flight information, US postal service, DHL and FedEx.

2. Google Mobile

Google Mobile allows you to access the entire suite of the Google mobile friendly services such as Google+, Gmail, Google Search, Google maps and more in one place. This is amazing because a single interface offers you one stop access to Gmail, and the maps app if your BlackBerry has the GPS feature. Google Mobile app also includes the links to the web services including Google News, Google Reader, Google Search, Google Docs, Google Notebook, Picasa photos and more all of which can be opened in your BlackBerry’s built-in browser.

3. BBNotepad

BB Notepad is the free notepad application for BlackBerry OS and it more than BlackBerry’s inbuilt MemoPad. It is a plain text editor and it lets you to write the full length documents and so d even code wherever you write. It sports the three text sizes for the tired eyes and it saves the files with the extension as .txt, same as notepad do, so that these files can be opened directly on the computer and can be saved either on to the BlackBerry’s internal memory or the removable flash card. BBNotepad is very useful to send the memos and notes through the Bluetooth to other handy devices.

4. Vlingo

Vlingo is the virtual assistant app which converts your words into action. All the recent BlackBerry devices support the voice dialing and Vlingo is the best app which combines the voice to text technology with its “intent engine” and helps you to complete your desired action very quickly. You can perform web searches with only your voice and launch the built-in applications with the voice commands.

5. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is the premium app for watching the free feature length movies on your BlackBerry device. Download Popcornflix app and watch more than 700 movies for free. It offers the free and full length movies which you can view from your Blackberry device  with out any subscription fess, because this app is ad supported. It features very nice user interface and the films are categorized into specific genres and the new titles are being added daily.

6. MyAccountant

With MyAccountant use your BlackBerry device into pocket accountant with its detailed financial tracker which will help you to manage your budget. It is very simple, handy, quick and better way to track your cash flow. I cannot is is much exciting but it is very useful app for your expense tracking.  it is very nicely laid out with the gentle learning curve and it has got the ability to export the reports to mail in XLS format and data is very handy.

7. Gadget Box

Gadget Box enhance your BlackBerry device with box of handy gadgets and turns into the ton of useful tools, so that you can remove the dozen of apps with same functionality. It can be setup to load any tools instantly when started and it allows to create the home screen shortcuts for any gadget.

8. Navita Translator 

Navita Translator helps to translate and speak the words and phrases which you type from the integrated menu. It supports more than 60 languages and still counting. You can post the translations on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, pin message, TXT or save as memo. First select your language and tap on the translate button to get the text translation. Tap on the loudspeaker icon to hear your translation loud and it is handy especially in the cases like when you are not confident about the translation.

9. Feather Duster

If you want to keep the your social media posts on top of trending topics then you will definitely like this app. It quickly visualize the complex relationships between the complex terms by using the interactive filters which attracts the tweets with the common terms and create a beautiful galaxy of tweets in the process. You can choose the subject which you are interested in and then connect the related hashtags to create the own particle storm of trending tweets.

10. Songza

Songza is the music streaming app which offers the commercial free playlists according to the activity of your mood. it is very intelligent app using which you kick off by choosing the category and whether you want to play some music or music whwn you are walking or for reading the newspaper. There are many choices available to suit any mood and every playlist has been expertly curated. There is an option to share your favorite playlists via social networking sites and you can also find the links to buy the songs which you like.

There are some basic apps which most of the BlackBerry users use. Still there are thousands of apps available for BlackBerry OS which makes your device more functional. You can find all types of apps from the BlackBerry app world or directly search on Google.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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