10 best Black Friday deals on Amazon

By | November 27, 2014

Black Friday is right around the corner and almost all the sites are offering plenty of great deals. Here we have been covering some best deals for Black Friday 2014. On Amazon deals will be released as very often as every 10 minutes for eight consecutive days and it is going to announce additional deals on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday. Amazon’s prime customers will have early access to the deals and it doesn’t specifies any of its deals beyond what it has already announced. Here is the 10 best Black Friday deals on Amazon.


1. Toshiba 50 inch LED HDTV for $199

Best Buy is not only the online retailer to sell 50 inch LED HDTV in the town for only $200. Amazon is competing Best Buy by offering 50 inch Toshiba LED TV for a buck less. It is definitely the doorbuster price of the season and Amazon is bringing it online.

2. 40 inch 1080p LED HDTV for $119

This deal is direct counter to the Target’s element 40 inch HDTV, which is also comes with $119 price tag. Without the knowledge of brand name or complete details of the deal, it is hard to recommend one over other, so customers will have to check back when Amazon releases further information on the deal .

3. LG G3 for 1 cent with 2 year contract

We have seen this smartphone at this price only once before, so this is definitely a standout deal for anyone who are looking to buy new Android smartphone.

4. HTC One M8 Windows Smartphone for 1 cent with 2 year contract

This is very good deal and very rare discount for HTC One M8. Nevertheless, it falls in line with our smartphone predictions and gets our nod for the approval.

5. Panasonic 3D Blu-ray player for $35

If you are looking out for the new Blu-ray player in the market, then this is the cheapest 3D player we have seen to date. In fact price of the Blu ray players haven’t this low since last December. The cheapest price stood at $49.

6. Roku LT HD wireless media player for $28

Outside for refurbs, we have never seen Roku LT streamer at this point and this deals also beats the Walmart’s 2013 Black Friday for Roku LT ┬áby $11.

7. Vizio 55″ LED HDTV for $478

Vizio’s 55 inch easily beat out Black Friday prediction for the name-brand 55 inch TVs. It is also the cheapest branded 55 inch TV throughout 2014. But this deal falls just short of being cheapest of all time and cheapest TV record held by LG 55LS4500 available for $448 in September 2013.

8. Xbox One Console with $150 in digital content

We are not giving to recommend this deal yet since we don’t know the price, but considering how Amazon is undercutting most of its counterparts, we would not be amazed if it undercuts Target’s $330 Xbox One deal or matches $329 Xbox One.

9. Sceptre 55″ LCD HDTV for $449

It is also available for $449 with free shipping. While the Vizio model comes with built-in WiFi and app support, this Sceptre model costs $29 less and comes with MHL port integrated which means that it is compatible with Roku streaming stick as well as other MHL compliant devices.

10. LG 65″ LCD HDTV for $648

This is the cheapest deal for any 65 inch HDTV, but remember that Walmart is offering Vizio 65 inch 1080p LVD HDTV for the same price. Vizio’s 65 inch TV feature built-in Wi-Fi and Smart TV Capabilities.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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